A Melbourne couple has their hands full with four babies under the age of 13 months following the arrival of triplets.

Sara and Brodie Hussey have completed their brood following the early arrival of Indianah, Brooklyn and Jacoby.

The pair, who already have son Isaiah, are now facing up to the challenge of coping with four children under the age of thirteen months.

“We did want a big family so having four in two pregnancies has been fantastic,” Sara, 32, said.

“We’ve got our work cut out for us now, but we’re really happy.”

The newborns were delivered at 34 weeks at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, weighing just under two kilos each.

The pregnancy was smooth sailing with no complications, and now the couple cannot believe how lucky they are.

“Lots of people can’t have children so we look at it as a blessing and take it with open arms,” Brodie said.

Big brother Isaiah was just five months old when the couple conceived naturally, a rare reproductive event known as spontaneous triplets.

“It was a seven-week scan that we found out we were having triplets, so it was a big shock,” Sara said.

It has been almost a decade since naturally-conceived triplets have been born at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, with a team of more than a dozen assembled for the momentous births.

“It’s a very low chance, about 1 in 6,500,” said Obstetrician Dr Vanessa King. “They all came along in their own sacs and placentas.”

The couple has a quad pram ready for future outings and, thankfully, parenting is something that they both enjoy.

“We love it,” Sara said. “The boys have got the best dad in the whole world.”

The babies will spend another three weeks in hospital before being discharged.

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