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We are qualified to manage all pregnancies – healthy and well women, as well as those who are high risk in their pregnancy. All of the Melbourne obstetricians are highly skilled in all types of birth, with many years of teaching hospital and overseas experience.

Your first visit will normally be at around 9 weeks of pregnancy. It is a longer appointment and gives the opportunity for your doctor to take a full medical history, arrange tests and discuss your questions and concerns. A pregnancy ultrasound will usually be performed.

In uncomplicated pregnancies you will usually have an appointment each month until 30 weeks, then every 2 weeks until the last month, when your visits are weekly. Extra appointments are easily scheduled for women with high risk or complicated pregnancies, and for emergencies.

We choose to look after our own patients. This means that your routine visits and usually your labour and birth or caesarean will be with the obstetrician of your choice.

As part of safe modern day care we do have scheduled time off, and work together (with two other female obstetricians) to ensure our patients always have excellent cover 24 hours a day, by a Melbourne obstetrician. If we have any planned holidays or study leave of more than a few days, you will be informed of this when you ring to book in for pregnancy care.

We are all working mums, dedicated to the wellbeing of your and your baby, but also offering lots of life experience in juggling careers, home and motherhood.