A Melbourne mother has overcome incredible odds to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

After eight miscarriages, seven rounds of IVF and six years of heartache, modern medicine and months of bed rest helped to produce one of life’s little miracles.

To his besotted parents, Maria Herrara and Andres Hernandez, two-day-old Pablo is the baby they never thought they would have.

“He’s beautiful. He’s perfect,” Maria said. “We couldn’t ask for more; it’s a baby miracle.”

For more than six years, Maria battled health problems which prevented her from carrying a child past 16 weeks.

Even specialists despaired.

Obstetrician Dr Vicki Nott said: “She had unexplained miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy, fertility problems needing IVF and a uterine abnormality that needed surgery.”

Finally pregnant for the ninth time with her precious son, at 21 weeks Pablo was perilously close to being born so prematurely he would not have survived.

Only emergency surgery delayed his arrival.

“From that point onwards we really made her stay in bed,” Dr Nott said. Maria Herrara and Andres Hernandez welcome miracle baby boy after eight failed attempts. Photo: 7News

For six weeks, Maria was forced to lie on her back, with her legs raised, but the awkward, uncomfortable position ultimately helped save little Pablo’s life.

The mum to be even ate, and bathed in bed.

Inspired by ultrasound images of her baby boy, Maria never gave up hope.

“It was pretty difficult at the beginning,” she said. “I started getting headaches and eating in that position is pretty difficult.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do what she did,” proud dad Andres said.

After a total of 16 weeks in bed, Pablo was finally born by Caesarian section on Tuesday.

He was four weeks early and in perfect health.

“I couldn’t believe it. I just started crying the minute I saw him,” Maria said.

Despite everything, mum and dad have not ruled out trying for a sibling for little Pablo.

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