Former Deniliquin man Brodie Hussey and his wife Sara instantly doubled the size of their family by welcoming triplets into the world earlier this month.

Indianah and her brothers Brooklyn and Jacoby were born on March 13 in a scheduled caesarean at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne.

Despite being delivered six weeks earlier than a full term pregnancy, at 34 weeks, Sara said all three were healthy and happy.

The couple’s triple treat also captured the attention of Melbourne’s 7News which featured a report on the newborns.

St Vincent’s obstetrician Dr Vanessa King said conceiving triplets was a rare reproductive event known as spontaneous triplets.

She said naturally conceived triplets are a one in 6500 occurence, adding that it is also unusual that each of the Hussey triplets had their own sac and placenta.

‘‘Apparently they are the first naturally conceived triplets born at the hospital in about 10 years,’’ Sara said.

‘‘I believe they’ve only had one other set of triplets conceived through IVF (in the past decade).’’

Sara said they were now looking forward to bringing the triplets home to Melton.

‘‘They’ll have to spend another three to four weeks in hospital,’’ said Sara, who was only released from hospital on Thursday.

‘‘It (the birth) wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.

‘‘I was hit with early weight gain, but I felt pretty good throughout the pregnancy.

‘‘We found out (we were having triplets) at a seven week scan, and then found out the sexes at 12 weeks.

‘‘We tried not to think too much about what it would be like, and the preparations really only consisted of buying three of everything … and a heap of nappies!’’

The triplets were born merely minutes apart, with one minute between Indianah and Brooklyn and then two more minutes before Jacoby came along.

The couple also have a 13 month-old son, Isaiah, and Sara said there are no ‘‘multiple births’’ on either side of the family that she knows of.

Waiting for the first visit from the triplets in the local area is grandfather Paul Hussey and his wife Angela and great grandparents Neville and Diane Quinlan of Mathoura.

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